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Kirklandbank, Alyth, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, PH11 8LL, Scotland

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The Farm

On Kirklandbank Farm we breed Hebridean sheep for meat and wool. Hebrideans are a native Scottish breed related to ancient sheep from pre-historic times. They are finely boned, hardy animals with a pure black fleece.

Hebridean Ewe and Lamb at Kirklandbank


Hebridean lamb is rising in popularity as a healthy, flavoursome alternative to commercially grown lamb.  The lambs are slow maturing and slaughtered at 18 months (technically speaking hoggit at this age) resulting in meat with a distinctive “gamey” flavour that is lean and low in cholesterol.

Our lambs are born in mid-April, raised on mature pasture and slaughtered in late August of the following year.  Our natural rearing schedule means our meat is only available seasonally.  Our lambs are slaughtered in Dunblane and butchered and vacuum packed in Perth by Seriously Good Butchery – that’s their name and they are very good.

Hebridean Lamb at Kirklandbank

How to Order Hebridean Lamb

Please get in touch by email at any time of year to place an order for delivery in September.  As we only have a limited number of animals available orders will be taken on a first come first served basis. Download the Kirklandbank Farm Lamb Price List 2015  here as a pdf.

Free Range Eggs

Fresh Farm Eggs from our free range chickens can be ordered on site for our guests only.
Children are welcome to collect eggs in the morning and feed the hens – under supervision – please ask Marian on your arrival.

Chickens at Kirklandbank

Arts & Crafts

From the farm, Marian runs her arts business Driftwood Scotland which sells 4000 year old, semi-fossilised driftwood from the ancient Caledonian forests.  Please contact Marian if you would like to view garden and interior sculptures or 3D wall art.

Sculpture from Driftwood Scotland